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  • BEA-A23122274R Bear Siren

    Regular Price: $599.99

    Special Price: $490.00

    BEA-A23122274R Bear Siren

    Bear Siren Specifications: Up to 300 FPS Weight 3.8lbs Brace Hei...

  • BEA-A3MD20006R Bear Method

    Regular Price: $649.99

    Special Price: $490.00

    BEA-A3MD20006R Bear Method

    Bear Method Specifications: Up to 340fps Weight 4lbs Brace Heigh...

  • BEA-A26516307R Bear Outbreak

    Regular Price: $399.99

    Special Price: $315.00

    BEA-A26516307R Bear Outbreak

    Bear Outbreak Specifications: Up to 308 FPS Weight 3.5lbs Brace...